ExCoGiGirls – Megan Marx and Melanie Marie


ExCoGiGirls – Megan Marx & Melanie Marie – Eat Me – Strawberry Fresh And Delicious
Look who’s back everybody to lick more slit? It’s always fresh and delicious 19-year-old new fan
favorite Melanie Marie of course who made her explosive debut over at our sister site
ExploitedCollegeGirls.com in a scorcher of video with Tyler Nixon entitled; “What A Hot 18
Year Old. 19” before showing up on the black couch so Cam could sample her ass. That hot anal
debut took place over at BackroomCastingCouch.com and she took it up that tight little asshole of
hers like a good little submissive slut. It’s entitled: “Pinky Swear, Anal Promises,” and yes Cam
promised and swore to analy pound her ass, which he did. And then since she had such a super
bang up time there she mozzied her way on back over to the ExCoGi bedroom and had Her First
Boy/Girl/Girl Threesome with newbie Raina Rae entitled, “The I’m Going To Lick Your Vagina
Gaze,” which was also super hot, and now she’s here for a one on one slit licking session with
sexy Megan Marx and this fresh strawberry’s ready to be eaten. Not sure who’s more excited
though because Melanie’s got breasts to die for that she explained just grew and developed a few
months earlier. Well I don’t blame you Megan for jumping right up on the bed to suck and lick
them just a few minutes into this video at (3:08) because they are spectacular. You know what’s
also spectacular is how Megan spread Melanie’s ass checks apart at (4:42) to reveal the cutest
pussy lips and tiny little butthole that you just want to stick your tongue up. Precious, just
precious and that’s exactly what Megan does at (5:42) as Melanie lays back with her long glass
blown legs spread wide as Megan’s tongue makes out with her pussy lips. Now it’s obvious that
Melanie’s been with a few girls before because at (6:43) while Megan licks her slit she reaches
between Megan’s legs and starts to rub her pussy and this parties starting to get hotter because
Megan cant control her feet and toes from curling with pleasure the entire time. Next up it’s
Melanie’s turn at (11:23) to reciprocate and licks Megan’s pussy, and with her hips thrusting and
toes curled, Megan has her first and only Orgasm of the day at (15:18). Next the girls get into 69
position and Melanie’s love of licking pussy gleams as she licks and kisses it like an ice cream
before burying her tongue up Megan’s snatch at (16:13). Now while all this is going on, Megan
also enjoys the all you can eat Melanie buffet for almost six minutes before the girls switch
positions and the munching ensues. There was however a break in the action when Megan asked
Melanie if she could finger her asshole at (25:58) and Melanie said “Yes.” Love it and they
continued to munch as Megan finger probed Melanie, which just sent her into another world. Hot,
just fucking hot, and when Megan asked Melanie if she’d ever eaten an ass before at (27:21), and
then when Melanie looking back with a big shit eating grin and said “No, but I’m willing to try?”
Fuck meeeeeeeeee, life isn’t fare I know because this shit’s what wet dreams are made of and this
wet dream happened at (27:50) for Melanie’s First ever Rimjob. Next it’s another first for
Melanie as the two girls Scissor / Trib themselves at (32:13) for about 7 minutes before
Melanie gets on all fours and Megan inserts a glass Butt Plug up her perfectly shaped ass at
(39:54) then fingers her pussy for some Double Penetration with Toys at (40:53). Lets see, there’s
a Pussy Gape if you can call it that at (41:36 to 42:01) because Melanie’s pussy is just so fucking
small it can barely be spread, and next it’s time for the big guns. And by big I mean big because
Megan brings out the Double Headed Red Dildo at (46:58) and the girls proceed to fuck it
simultaneously in back to back Side Spoon position for about five minutes until (52:10) when
they take it out of their pussies and taste themselves. Now that’s really hot and sadly thought, as
with all great things, this to must come to an end and its off to the shower for these hotties and
some good clean fun ensues with a little more pussy licking under the showerhead, Meow.

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